Grouting & Light Weight Concrete Pump - 'X' Series

Syno 'X' Series'- Grouting & Light Weight Concrete Pumps

The 'X' Series is built on a robust platform to solve the complex grouting and light weight concrete applications. The pumps are especially designed with quick release Stator so that cleaning is made easy after each batch work. The "X" Series Pump comprises of specially designed Rotor & Stator geometries to suit extreme abrasive applications. Syno has been working closely with OEMs on major construction projects to built grouting systems. With the recent developments in equipment and materials, grouting is now more and more accepted as an efficient method for the treatment of soil and rock formations. Hence, choosing the right equipment is of the utmost importance, which Syno provides. Our Grouting Pumps are high performance pumps which can handle a wide variety of grout mixes including Neat Cement, Bentonite, PFA Cement and Sand Cement Grouts. These Pumps mix the materials in the most efficient manner. The pumping rate can also be adjusted to meet the requirements of the particular ground conditions. Our Grouting Pumps are widely used in different industries automobile, civil & construction and many more.

Performance Data

  • Capacity Range: Up to 500 LPH
  • Temperature: Upto 200oC
  • Pressure: Upto 12 Bar
  • Viscosity: Up to 1 million CP

Features and Benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • User Friendly Controls
  • Dynamic pressure adjustment range
  • Variable volume
  • In-line discharge pressure gauge
  • Adaptable to any mixing tank feeder
  • Easy field maintenance
  • Adapts to all delivery systems
  • Strong construction, Long life
  • Interchangeable components

Typical Applications

  • Tunneling
  • Drilling with water circulation
  • Soil Mix Piling (Grout Mix Piling)
  • Transferring Water or Cement fluids
  • Grouting for general construction
  • Surface Geo-Technical
  • Mining
  • Cementing
  • Sealing
  • Filling